Sunday, January 08, 2012

Congratulations Jayonce!

Beyonce has finally delivered her child who despite rumors that the child would be named Brooklyn Carter, is named Blue Ivy Carter. People across the nation are already talking about it and there are four trending topics related to the birth on Twitter. Artists such as Russell Simmons and Rihanna also tweeted to say congratulations to the new parents Beyonce and Jay Z.

How did she deliver so discreetly? It is said that Bey checked into a New York hospital under the alias Ingrid Jackson, and may have rented out the entire fourth floor for over one million dollars. Also employees were forced to turn in cellphones prior to starting shifts, security cameras were taped and there was an increase in security. That sh*t CRAY!

How did Blue Ivy get her name? IV is the Roman Numeral for four, Bey's most recent album title and the album was also her dedication to her husband Jay Z. Blue is Jay Z's favorite color and can also be linked to four letters. Blue is also linked to spirituality and sincerity. Oh how clever Jayonce (:

But, Vogue | D sends a big Vogue kiss to Ivy Blue Carter :-*

- Taking Hollywood by STORM