Saturday, January 07, 2012

That Sh*t Cray?

America's favorite Hip Hop duo Jay Z and Kanye West are Vogue | Diaspora's 'Men In Charge.' The two flew to Dubai to perform a collection of hits from their hit collaboration 'Watch the Throne' at a sweet sixteen. How much did the men take home? Let's say uhhh ... 6.... MILLION. The sweet sixteen was thrown for Manchester City Football Club Owner  Sheikh Mansour's niece and guests.

There is now talk about there being a second 'Watch the Throne' album, think he'll be going at Weezy? Jay Z also has two charity concerts that he will be doing in February at Carnegie Hall. We see you Jigga, go on brush ya' shoulders off.

As for DJ Yeezy World Peace? He has multiple business endeavors in the works.

2012 looks way too bright for these men so of course they are the head 'Men In Charge.'

 Looks like Jayonce's future baby girl will be welcomed to the good life with both of her parents raking in serious money.

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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