Thursday, January 19, 2012

Insight: New Fashion Xposed

So you want to be a model?
From fashion show productions to styling, Donna Harrison has founded New Fashion Xposed (NFX) in Fort Lauderdale, FL to caters to all forms of fashion. NFX creates opportunities for up incoming professional models, boutiques and stylist to further their careers. 
NFX goal is to promote Fashion Designers and models by throwing fashion events, in which their talents can be showcased. NFX is currently providing fashion designers and models with the option to build their portfolio through numerous fashion related events and charities.
The sole objective of NFX is to help models, designers, and stylist get their name and or clothing line exposed to the fashion industry.

To find out more New Fashion Xposed: Contact Donna: 954.775.4247 or Tiffany: 954.610.9541
You can even shoot them an email @: 
Click here to visit New Fashion Xposed

D'Mor J: "No style, No Fashion. It's that simple."

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