Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Daily News Controversial Statement about Black Fatherhood

The New York Daily News is IN THE NEWS after an article and tweet was released. Apparently The New York Daily News made controversial statements on Jay-Z's impact on black fatherhood.

Writer Joanna Molloy made a brave and bold statement in her article on the Daily News website, the statement made wasabout Jay Z's song "Glory" that was dedicated to his daughter Blue Ivy and the effect that it will have on the amount of African American men. According to Molloy more African American men will be taking responsibilities as a father.

Molloy then goes on using statistics to defend her statement, which fueled an even BIGGER debate. 

If the interview didn't do it then the tweet that the Daily News released definitely did. The tweet reads:

"Jay-Z's anthem to fatherhood will hopefully inspire more black men to stick around for their kids"

Read the article here 

- Taking Hollywood by STORM 

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  1. A fathers going to stick around because he wants to not because jay z said it was cool