Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Game Season 5: Episode 2

Missed this episode of The Game? We've got you covered... DUH!

Tasha Mack: Tasha WANTS HER MONEY! She brings up a suit against Derwin and Irv claiming that they are trying to steal her money (for the Verizon deal Derwin was offered). She won the suit which alotted her 10 percent of all earnings between Verizon and Derwin and also let out a sly remark to Melanie "why don't you go home and cook your man some chicken or have a baby... oh wait you can't do neither... DON'T COME FOR ME."

Malik: Malik is in for the ride of his life. Or... at least he loses his rides and some money. Malik can't live the lavish life he's used to and tries to hide this from TT. It even gets to the point where TASHA has to pay for TT's birthday table that Malik was supposed to cover.

Derwin: Derwin gets the Verizon endorsement and announces he is resigned with "Irv" as his manager. *Reminder* Irv is the one who "dumped" Derwin as a client previously. After Melanie complains to him about making decisions without informing her first Derwin allows her to 'oversee' Irv. Melanie also jokingly threatened him by saying she would no longer give him... any... well yeah  you know the rest (:

Melanie: Melanie had to deal with disrespect and sarcasm from Irv (Derwin's manager) and she is fed up! Melanie is serious about being CEO of Derwin Davis Enterprises and she shows up to discuss the suit Tasha is bringing up against Derwin and Irv. After she loses the case Derwin opens up to her and lets her know she is JUST his wife and not a manager of anything. Melanie has to battle with deciding whether she wants to sit back and being the Mrs. or standing up and be a career woman.

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