Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Game: Season 5 PREMIERE!

New Game, SAME CAST!

What happened this episode? DRAMA. DRAMA. DRAMA.

Derwin & Melanie open up the show arguing but it doesn't last long. Derwin realizes they both did things they werent proud of and he forgives her for having an abortion when pregnant with his child, well he THOUGHT it was his child. After running into McHottie, and Trey Wiggs Melanie finally opens up and tells Derwin that it wasn't his baby she was pregnant with, it was Trey's baby. What does Derwin do? KNOCK TREY THE HELL OUT!

Tasha Mack is STILL Tasha Mack. Loud and in charge, at least she's in charge of everyone except Malik. After taking trips down memory lane she ends up breaking down crying and regrets dropping Derwin as a client and taking Malik back as one. Tasha breaks down regrets dropping Derwin as a client and taking Malik back.

Jason Pitts same old Jason, still sarcastic and rude as ever. What's new for him? Oh let's say a marriage! Jason meets Chardonnay (played by Brandy) and the two get drunk together and have tacos in Tijuan ending in him putting a ring on it. Hmmm the sex must've been great? Jason also gets in touch with his roots in this show. He comes to terms with the fact that he has been neglecting his black sistas and he tests the "black" waters more. He also sees how he has rubbed off on his daughter "Britt-brat" who REFUSES to have a black boyfriend.

Malik in love with a JUNKIE?! Malik's girlfriend ODs and he has to take her BACK to rehab. His career and everything else is put on hold for her, is he just a fool or is he a fool... in love?

So what did you think of this episode? Are you looking forward to the rest of this season?

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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  1. Its too dramatic rather than funny nd dramatic like it use to be