Saturday, January 07, 2012

Brand New Breezy?

Looks like Chris Brown really is a changed man and is trying hard to clean up his act. The 22 year old entertainer is taking a stride toward professionalism and he is doing so by remaining super lowkey.

Chris Brown's manager announced that Chris Brown would not be making any appearances on any talk shows (radio or TV) and he will not be doing any interviews. 2012 will be spent on touring, studio time and attending the awards (such as the Grammy's) that he had to miss due to the incident between him and former girlfriend Rihanna.

Aside from the announcement that he will no longer be doing interviews for the year of 2012 Brown also started fresh on Twitter. He deleted MOST of his tweets only leaving 24 positive tweets on his Twitter account. His tweets range from "Love u TeamBREEZY!" to "And I fucking love every single radio station who supports my music! It means the world to me! Thx."

Well Voguers are we sold? Do we believe that Chris Brown is a bad guy turned good? Has he really cleaned up his act or is he just frontin' for the cameras?!

- Taking Hollywood by STORM


  1. Idk if he changed but I just wanna see him Strip right now :D

  2. I don't really believe that he is a changed person.. I still like his music and he is gorgeous but he will never be the same person that he used to be (at least to me)