Monday, January 16, 2012

Tat My Face On You So I Know It's Real

"You'll still be mine, you'll still be mine. Tat my fucking name Face on you when I go, you'll still be mine."
Certain celebrities are taking I love you to a whole 'nother level. I guess the fact they have the ability to purchase it all for their lovers, have forced these rich mofos to find a new way to display their affection...check it out below. 

1. When you see Chris, you see Karrueche Tran.... Literally.

VogueNote: But aren't we happy he didn't get Rihanna tatted on him? They're soooo CUTE!! We need a nickname for them...any suggestions? 

2. Janet may have left Jermaine Dupri, he still got her..... Literally. 
VogueNote: Awkward couple, Awkward Tattoo, right? Am I the only one who would've been mad if my unfit boyfriend got my face tatted on his unattracted abdominal? Is this tattoo the underlying catalysis that separated the couple? 

3. Aaliyah may have NEVER known Drake, but she still got his back.....Literally. 
VogueNote: Is Aaliyah the real reason that Drake can't keep a girl? What's the difference between Drake's Aaliyah tat and that girl's Drake tat? They both have tattoos of people they don't know.

 D'Mor J: "No style, No Fashion. It's that simple."