Monday, January 30, 2012

Rihanna a Fighter Not a Lover?

Recently an image of Rihanna beating up her ex  boyfriend Chris Brown's new girlfriend Karruche Tran (that was rumored to have been posted to the TMZ website) surfaced and Rihanna simply laughed it off. She took to her twitter account and was tweeting to a fan the hilarity of the whole situation, according to Rihanna what made it obvious that it wasn't her was the shoes that the girl was wearing in the picture.

                                                     (click on photo to enlarge)

(click on photo to enlarge)

Oh the creativity of photoshop!

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  1. lmao so they who was it? was that pic real?

  2. i knew it smfh i swear boredom kills lol ppl need lives lol but someone's bday is coming mhmm i wonder who lol

  3. wtf did they pay their look alikes to take this pic? lmao

  4. People are so stupid and ignorant to even believe this picture is real. They both would never wear cheap shoes like that! Plus Karrueche doesn't have a back tattoo and her hair is entirely blonde.

    Btw, the girl that got beaten in the picture is Charley Uchea, a British reality show celeb:

  5. how u know that maybe she had a off day and wanted to beat a bitch

  6. Suck up rihanna ugly she ugly too

  7. - This is some crazy shitt .