Thursday, January 12, 2012

Less Is More.

Angela Simmons was spotted yesterday in LA doing a bit of a shopping with a friend. Angela has never been afraid to take fashion risks and yesterday was no different. 

Her outfit consisted of a red and white bustier, blue body con skirt, studded leather jacket, black leather boots, & quilted patent leather Chanel bag. Oh & we can't forget the sheer garter stockings. 

Now while I think her individual pieces are nice, I must admit I do not like the way she placed them together. Everything is tight, short, and leather and while you guys know I believe in excessive behavior, to me this is overkill.

What do you guys think? VOGUE or No? Also if you want any specific information on what she's wearing or where you can get it, leave a comment below! 

** Always Be Well Dressed. - Jocoby Joyy

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