Tuesday, January 10, 2012

People To Look Out For: Elle Varner

She's got beautiful, smooth, chill provoking vocals and a beautiful face to match. Vogue | Diaspora is telling you to look out for Elle Varner because she is definitely the next big thing.

Her latest hit "Only Wanna Give It To You" features Fayetteville's native rapper J. Cole. The irony in this hook up is the two knew eachother prior to doing a track together. Varner attended NYU and Cole attended St. John's when the two met eachother through a mutual friend. A couple years later they ran into eachother in the SONY building (they had no idea that they were both into music) small world right?

Check out Elle Varner's live performance of her hit single "Only Wanna Give It To You."

& also check out the MUSIC VIDEO featuring J Cole

For more on this artist visit: Elle Varner's Official Website.

- Taking Hollywood by STORM

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