Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess Who?: Part 2!

It was too much fun flipping through the Vogue | D old celebrity photos last time we did the 'Guess Who' so we definitely have to do so again. This time we have seven more photos of seven more different celebrities. Some of them get an "awww" and some get a "WTF?!" Well... let's begin, shall we?

Not only was this man one of the funniest men in comedy but he was also a good actor. He was born and raised in Chicago where he told his jokes and fostered laughs before expanding his brand worldwide. He was in movies such as Ocean's Eleven, Ocean's Thirteen, and House Party. He also had his own self titled TV show. He accomplished a lot before his unfortunate and shocking death in 2008. Can you GUESS WHO this comedian is?

She is a singer/rapper that has been chasing her dreams for a long time. She briefly attended Hofstra University in Long Island, New York before pursuing her career as a singer/rapper. In 2000 she became the first artist signed to Clive Davis J Records and stayed there until 2002. In 2004 she went on to become the first woman signed to G-Unit Records. She parted ways from G-Unit Records in 2007 and since then she has become a TV Personality and she is still working on her dreams of becoming an R&B star. Can you GUESS WHO this singer/rapper is?

She is a mother of two, wife of a rock star, an actress, fashion designer, reality TV star, singer, and author. She has been the face of Bongo jeans and Jimmy Choo advertisements. She had a brief battle with weight issues but denied being anorexic or bulimic. She is most known for a reality show that debuted on Fox in which she lived a 'simple life' with another celebrity who was her best friend at the time. Can you GUESS WHO this adorable little girl is?

He is one of the biggest names in rap music today and his music has surely bumped in your car at least twice. His first name is William but he is more known under his stage name. He was born in Coahoma County, Mississippi and raised in Carol City, Florida. He played football back in college at Albany State University. He also got into some legal issues when he got sued by a man who claimed he stole his name and identity. Can you GUESS WHO this rap star is?

Today, he is one of the biggest male sex symbols in the entertainment industry. He is an R&B singer as well as rapper and is currently testing the waters with his acting. His smooth vocals allowed him to enter the hearts of many of today's young women. He is a native of  Petersburg,Virginia and was raised as a military brat. When he was younger singing wasn't really something he ever wanted to do because he admits that he was very shy. All that has changed! Now when most females think of him they think of him as the inventor of... Can you GUESS WHO this R&B vocalist is?

Born and raised in Harlem, New York this rapper was a very good basketball player along with his long time friend Mase (also a rapper). His buddy Mase introduced him to the now deceased rapper Biggie Smalls. After "wow-ing" Biggie this rapper was then signed to "Untertainment Label" which was a distribution of Epic Records. He also worked on his acting and appeared in the movie Paid In Full which was produced by Damon Dash. Can you GUESS WHO this rapper is?


This Chicago native and former student of both Princeton and Harvard Law School stands strong alone as well as alongside her husband. She is an inspiration to everyone but mostly to women, she has become an advocate for healthy eating and poverty awareness as well as a FASHION ICON. She is the mother of two children and also went down in history as the first black ________. Can you GUESS WHO this iconic woman is? (PS: It's her birthday!)

1. Bernie Mac 2. Olivia 3. Nicole Ritchie 4. Rick Ross 5. Trey Songz 6. Cam'ron 7. Michelle Obama

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  1. Oh hell no trey hell no

  2. The only one I got was Trey Songz.. I seriously can't even guess for any of the others! haha

  3. Bernie Mack, Olivia, Nicole Richie, Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Cam'ron, and Michelle Obama.